Unlisted or for sale by owner

Is the property you want NOT listed for sale? There is a way to find out if it may be….click here to go to my UNLISTED PROPERTY website for detailed information on how I can assist you in your search. No obligation….here’s how it works:


We will help you put together all relevant financial documents, including but not limited to pre-approval letters, proof-of-funds documents, etc.

Together with you, we will put together a creatively-worded cover letter, designed to entice your seller to consider your offer because its YOU, not just a pile of papers with numbers, that are making the offer.


Using California Association of Realtors (CAR) documents, we will handle all of the paperwork and send to you for digital signature. No deposit monies are needed unless and until we reach an agreement with the seller.

There are numerous documents and disclosures, and we will deliver them digitally for ease of use as well as being environmentally-friendly.


We will research and locate your desired property first and foremost.

As your representative/agent, we will represent you to the owner of the property as a bonafide buyer. This requires an agreement between you and I and any financial documentation we need to gain the sellers trust. No private information about you will be shared, just the fact that you are ready, willing AND able to make a purchase.

Visit our site and let us know when we can get together to discuss YOUR target property!